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Word of Encouragement: You Will Get Up Again, and This Time You Will Slay Your Enemies!

This word is for the warrior bride of Christ who has felt such opposition in this last season. Witchcraft, Jezebel, Python, and Religious spirits have done their very best to silence your voice and take you out.

You are gaining strength as you carve out time in the secret place to meet with the Father. You are going to have to put this time in your schedule, as the enemy would seek to disrupt this time by filling it with needless activities. You must put this time in the secret place above all else in this hour. Say, “No” to whatever or whoever is coming against this precious time with the Lord.

You are getting cleansed and purged from the “dross” and the “heavy garments” of last season. The Lord desires to clothe you in His purity, holiness, and righteousness. Your identity was shredded during the last season, but during this first part of the new season, you will know and walk in your identity in Christ boldly and unashamedly.

Be still before the Lord as He “deep cleans” your heart. soul, and spirit. Don’t worry you are right where you need to be at this time. The Lord is not in a hurry, so relax and be one with your Father now. Stop fretting over what others are doing, their busyness is no need of your concern. You are not called to busyness but to holiness. You are called to renew the right relationship with your Father.

You will get up again, and this time you will slay your enemies! Witchcraft, Jezebel, Phython, and the Religious spirits will be taken down by the warrior bride of Christ-and that’s you!

The Warrior Bride of Christ is Rising!

You may feel alone right now but don’t worry your appointed people are coming. You are rising up fiercely and without compromise. Atmospheres will shift when you are around because the Glory of the Lord rests upon you. This Glory is for the kingdom of darkness to be shattered and those who are in it to be delivered. The Glory of God is all that will be needed to break darkness.

You have been called, and now anointed and commissioned to do the work of the Lord Jesus in this endtime era healing the sick, casting out demons, performing miracles, and delivering the Good News to those lost without the Shepherd.

You will recover all of your losses from the last season and will reap a harvest of souls for the new time you are in.

The shackles, cords, and chains that have kept you bound and restricted are coming loose, and you will be free indeed! Deliverance is coming to your house first!

You will overcome the devil by the word of your testimony and by the blood of the Lamb. You will testify to what God has done in your life, and that will set those around you free from the sin and bondages that have held them captive.

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