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Word of Encouragement: You are About to Burst Out of Your Cocoon and Fly to Your Next Level

God is making room for what is to come in your life. Many of you have been in a long transition time, and now you find yourself with extra time as you wait for the next. Don’t try and fill that time with busyness, or what you think should be in that time. It may feel awkward not having all of your time accounted for, but rest assured there is purpose in not filling all of your now available time up.

This is the time for you to wait on what the Lord is bringing into your life, and prepare yourself through prayer, fasting, worship, and declaration.

You know something has shifted. You are not the same, but you are still waiting to receive your “orders” for the next.

To birth the new, you must come into alignment with your words, your thoughts, and your actions. You may not feel like you are going to the next level, but as you come into agreement with what the Lord shows you in your private time; you will advance.

Protect what the Lord reveals to you in private, and share with only those who are trusted of the Lord God.

This journey you have been on has been one where the Lord kept you away from people to a certain extent. This was so that your heart and mind could be fully healed without the opinions and interferences of man. There were some things too deep and too painful to be shared with those in your life. Time will come when those who support you, and you them; will come.

Now, let God do the finishing touches in your life. It won’t be long now, that you will see the fruit of the work that you allowed the Lord to do in your life. Yes, the process of healing was painful at times, but it had to happen this way so that you could truly experience a deep, soul cleansing.

The transformation has taken place. It may have seemed like nothing has been happening, but the transformation process is about to come to a close and you will see what has been going on in what seemed like the dark.

You are about to burst out of the cocoon and fly to your next level.

Behold, the Lord has done a new thing in your life. Take time and perceive it.

Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and the rivers a desert. Isaiah 43:19

No more wilderness living. It’s crossing over time to your promised land. You have been shown your giants in the land, but you are still moving forward into your promised land by faith, and your faith as little as you may think, is moving mountains out of your way.


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