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Word of Encouragement: You Are About to Get Unstuck

Last night I had a dream where I was driving my car down a street and I kept running into a sign that said "detour." I tried to turn my car around several times, but I would always come back to the detour sign. I could not get off that road no matter how many times I tried. I felt frustrated and confused as to how to get going in another direction.

Upon awakening from this dream, I asked God what the dream meant. I asked God what the dream meant because I knew by the vivid details of my dream and remembering all the details of the dream, that this was not your typical dream.

God showed me that so many have felt stuck, confused, and disoriented in this season we have been in. Feeling disoriented and confused has kept you from seeing what direction to take. You have not been able to move forward but you also know that you are not going back. Great frustration has kept many in a state of hopelessness as you would go through the same cycles. These cycles would repeat over and over and would leave you feeling like giving up.

God is removing the "detour" sign and "this way forward" is going up. A shift is finally taking place, the shift from being stuck to getting free.

Step by step the Lord will clarify and lead you as you will now navigate on surer ground. The confusion will lift and you will be settled as to where you belong and who you belong to.

The pushing that you have done so that you could move forward has felt like labor pains. The "labor pains" are finally ending as you pushed hard these last few weeks. The pushing was intense and you did not know when it was going to end, you just knew when it ended you would have birthed something great.

You will not keep going in the same cycles and seasons. The time for "new birth" is here. This new birth will not only benefit you but it will benefit others. Freedom is in the air and it is your time to enjoy the "delivery" from hard labor.

You are no longer stuck in the past cycles that kept you in a position of defeat. You will rise to your true calling and identity.


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