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Stephanie Reck


  • Providing motivational life coaching, courses, and consultation for women from the comfort of your own home via Zoom, Google Meet, Email, or Whats App. 

  • Providing women with the tools, practical applications, and support to help them get unstuck from life's challenges and moving forward in life. 

  • All services are faith-based and utilize scriptures, the Holy Spirit, discernment, and prayer. 


Life Coaching for Women

Let me help you get unstuck from life's challenges and be who God created you to be.

✅Watch this video on what life coaching is if you want to know if this service is right for you.

✅Make sure to book your 🆓 initial consultation.

✅Book your first session to invest in you.

✅Have your client intake form filled out before your first session.


Life Coaching Membership Package

Offering membership packages for life coaching where you can get more for your money.

✅ (4) life coaching sessions valid for 1 year.

✅ (2) email exchanges.

✅ 🆓 signed copy of my book, "Disciplining your mind 30 days to a better you!"

✅ Private member area.

📣This package is a great value priced at 💰200. verses $75 for one life coaching session.


You’re a daughter of God, a holy princess, a woman created with strengths you’ve yet to fu

Life Coaching Through Email

Take your journaling to the next level with email life coaching. I will help navigate your expressed written words to guide you to healing and wholeness. 

Writing has been shown to improve and help with emotional distresses as well as with problem solving. 

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Motivational Life Coaching Corner Blog and Words of Encouragement to Help You in Your Spiritual Walk.

✅Motivational Life Coaching Corner and Words of Encouragement are 🆓.

✅ Each article is written to help you to overcome various challenges in your life. Practical tips, tools, and applications are utilized through each article.

✅ I also post words of encouragement that are inspired by the Holy Spirit's guidance to encourage and edify your walk with God.




Books and E-books

✅ Order your copy of "Disciplining your mind 30 days to a better you," to transform your thinking. 

✅ Download this easy to read E-book on self-care, practical tips and tools for self-care.

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