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Word of Encouragement: Don't Go Back to Your "Cave"

You are tired and want to retreat to your “cave.” Don’t retreat! Take your time to rebalance and restore your physical, mental, and spiritual health, but don’t go back and retreat!

Rise above the distractions that have come to derail your progress. Silence the chatter that is coming through a demonic frequency by worshiping and speaking scriptures out loud. What you have been intercepting through the frequencies is not coming from God.

The feelings of disorientation and confusion are what you have picked up, but don’t come into agreement with these lying spirits.

Use the Word of God as your weapon

Declare out loud:

I have the mind of Christ.

I am stable and secure with the Lord.

I know the voice of the Lord.

I am led by the Spirit of God.

The enemy tried to weigh you down with one attack after another so that you would stop moving forward. Go forward today in faith that the very schemes of the enemy are being rerouted. Don’t look at the problems, issues, and concerns that have tried to steal your peace and joy, but instead keep declaring that you trust God is working on your behalf.

Get up and shake off in Jesus name:









Use the Word of God as your sword to slice in half the lies of the enemy. Get up and fight, and take your rightful place as a son or daughter of the King.


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