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Word of Encouragement: Reset

What you thought was going to happen in your life has not happened. You have believed that you missed what you were supposed to be doing. Your design and calling are unique. You have a specific calling that cannot be fulfilled by someone else. Comparing yourself to others has left you confused and condemned.

You were made to be an influencer and a leader, so that means you don’t follow the crowds or become easily entrenched with the latest fads in or out of church.

Stop trying to be someone that you are not!

You are not meant to look like others.

You are uniquely designed for a specific purpose.

You can reach those who are so broken and lost because of what you have endured over your life. This calling does not encompass everyone, many do not know how to love those who are not in their circle.

You see ALL people, and you have a desire that ALL people truly feel loved, respected, and appreciated.

You have the heart to see ALL people know God as their Father and be healed from whatever causes them to walk away from their Creator.

You can empathize with most if not all people. You notice people and realize that people are hurting and need someone to be kind and loving to even if it's just a smile.

How you thought your life would turn out is nothing like you thought. You wanted the house with the 2.5 children and the white-picket fence. You are on a course correction, and it will take you where you are supposed to be.

All things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purposes. Romans 8:28

Your life may not have turned out the way you thought, but God is causing ALL things that you have endured for your good and the good of others. You have grieved long enough over your losses, now it’s time to “turn the page.” Let the new page you are turning say, “I am loved by God and I am His instrument to love others because I have been healed by the Father.”

God is healing your father wounds, your mother wounds, your rejection, your shame, your grief, and your loneliness. He will do this in your family as you become the first to be healed in your family it will affect the generations after.

There is a reset coming into your life.

A definition of reset is to set again or anew.

This fresh restart will stir up revival in you and your home and then will spread like wildfire.


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