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Word of Encouragement: The Rain is Coming!

Do not be deceived by how things look now, if you look and listen closely you know rain is coming! This rain is not necessarily physical rain but spiritual rain.

Soaking rain on the Earth is the best medicine to alleviate a physical drought. Water that enters the soil recharges underground, which in turn sustains vegetation.

The soaking rain of the Holy Spirit is the best to alleviate spiritual drought. The Holy Spirit “falling down like rain” recharges and restores one's spiritual state to life again.

In the book of Psalms 42 David found himself in a spiritually dry season. He was thirsty for the presence of God.

The saints of God are calling for the spiritual rain of the Holy Spirit. The children of God know they need the impartation of the Holy Spirit in these last-end times we are in.

Rain is one of the many symbols in the Bible used to describe the Holy Spirit.

“For I will pour out water on him who is thirsty, and floods on the dry ground. I will pour out My Spirit on your descendants, and My blessings on your offspring.” Psalm 44:3

God’s purpose for sending the rain of the Holy Spirit includes:

  • Refreshment

  • Empowerment

  • Restoration

  • A harvest of souls for Jesus Christ

“He shall come down like rain…as showers that water the Earth.” Psalm 77:6

Prepare yourself for the outpouring of the RAIN. Get into your quiet place, and allow God to reveal sin that needs to be repented for. Wait in expectation as a woman who is in labor. Let great anticipation rise as you eagerly await the decreasing downpour.

Wait in the hope that the “latter rain” is coming. Expect to see and feel the RAIN!


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