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Word of Encouragement: Relief is Coming!

You have gained strength and momentum even in the challenges you faced.

The weapons that were sent against you failed. The weapons did form but they did not prosper.

You are crying out to God for relief! So much opposition and warfare this last month has caused you to feel weary, and disoriented.

You stood your ground and picked up your weapons to thwart the enemies plans even when you did not see any results, but kept doing what you knew to do-pray, praise, pleed the blood of Jesus, read the Word, and be still in His presence. The breakthrough was not immediate, but you knew to keep pressing in to your spiritual weapons, even when you could not see results.

You are stronger than you realize!

Today, shake off the attacks from the enemy this last month and declare that you will "move forward!"

Relief is coming!

You are rising to a place of honor as the enemy has tried to dishonor you. The strength of the Lorsd is upon you and you shall not be defeated. Thought the floods threatened to drown you, the Lord was your guide and help as He taught you how to overcome the assaults of the enemy.

Although it looked like you were going down, you are actually coming up higher.

You will soon get the relief you have been desiring. It will come swiftly and you will gain refreshmenet and clarity from the Holy Spirit. The Lord will use what you have gone through in the end times we are in.


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