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Word of Encouragement: Realigning and Readjustments

The unsettledness you may feel can be uncomfortable and uneasy, but needed realignment and readjustments are taking place.

The “old” way that you have done life is being torn down, and a new pathway is being built so that you can fulfill your destiny.

The realigning and readjustments are beneficial to you, not harm you. Be patient as the finishing touches are being put in place so you can rise up from defeat and into the place you were created to be.

There is no need to keep looking back, and when the enemy tries to pull you back simply say, “ No thank you, I don’t live there anymore.”

Keep forging ahead, one step at a time. Each step you take will give way to what’s ahead for your destiny.

When the enemy says,” You can’t,” remind him that you can’t but the God who lives in you can!

Allow the work of the Holy Spirit right now to put the finishing touches on your life, and don’t be in a hurry to rush through this work. It will be needed as move to the next phase in your life. This is not the time to add more to your life, but to be in a place of preparation as you wait to receive your “marching orders.”

You must get comfortable and confident with the assignment for your life, and be set free from comparing yourself to other’s assignments. Your distinction is for a reason.


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