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Word of Encouragement-Preparation Time, Removing the Old Wineskins so that the New Wineskins Fit

This is a season of waiting on the Lord, not a time of restlessness and hurry. Being still before the Lord in this hour is one of the greatest things that you can do so that you can get clear directions.

This is preparation time-the old wineskins (or doing life the way that you have) is making room for the new wineskins that will offer breathing room along with your purpose.

The Holy Spirit is bringing a fresh wind to remove all the dross and deadness of this last season, and breathing new life in those areas we have contended for.

So much will happen these next several months that will cause you to wonder why you ever doubted God.

Jesus desires to commune with you personally. Your relationship with the Father is of utmost importance. Many things scream for your attention, but the one good thing is to deepen your relationship with God the Father.

Drink deeply in His presence, and wait for Him. Don’t be in a rush as you wait on Him. The Holy Spirit is never in a rush or a hurry. Make room and time for the cleansing breath of the Holy Spirit. There is much to be said and much healing to give in the presence of the Lord.

Quiet your soul, and rest from the season we are coming out of that left many weary, discouraged, anxious, and fearful. Rest in His goodness, Rest in His love, Rest in His faithfulness, and Rest from your worries and problems-God is working all out that concerns you.

Get ready for the new wineskin to be poured out by preparing yourself in the presence of the Lord. Don’t try and figure out now what, or what’s next. You will know in time.


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