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Word of Encouragement: Pruning Can Hurt, but it is necessary for Our Spiritual Growth

Whatever has hindered you from total freedom in Christ must be dealt with and removed as a surgeon would remove cancer from the body.

Those things that have caused you to doubt God and even yourself must be cut down with God’s Word acting as healing for your faith.

Get back in the Word of God-study and meditate on the Word. Start reading the Gospels to renew your faith in the Great I Am.

Just like a plant that needs to be pruned so that new growth can happen, so we must too prune away all that would hinder our purpose and relationship with God.

Pruning can hurt but it is necessary for our spiritual growth.
Spiritual pruning is important to our spiritual health and growth

As you are making goals for the upcoming year, take the time and ask the Lord what needs to be cut away from your life.

Listed below are the most common vices that need to be pruned from our lives:

  • Fear

  • Anxiety

  • Worry

  • Doubt

  • Unbelief

  • Comparison

  • Rejection

  • Loneliness

  • Guilt

  • Shame

  • False responsibility

  • Burdens (heaviness)

  • Thanklessness/ingratitude

  • Complaining

  • Criticizing

  • Gossip/Slander

  • Anger (unrighteous)

  • Unforgiveness

  • Bitterness

  • Offense

  • Blame

  • Regret

  • Self-pity

  • People approval

  • Discouragement


  • What if you took the time with the Lord to have the “Great Physician” surgically remove from your life all that hinders your purpose and relationship with Christ?

  • Do you believe you would feel better spiritually, physically, and mentally by doing this?

  • If you believe you would benefit from allowing the Holy Spirit to prune away your “dead branches” then be intentional about carving out time to be with the Father. Bring your Bible, journal, and a pen. Allow the Holy Spirit to expose and bring the light what has caused you to not “grow fruit.”

Spiritual pruning enhances spiritual growth by removing whatever inhibits spiritual growth. Get stronger and healthier as well as produce good fruit by making adjustments to your schedule so that you can uproot all that is a stumbling block to your spiritual health and growth.



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