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Motivational Monday: Getting a New Perspective

Do you have things in your life that you want to be different, and feel frustrated or even discouraged that they are not? Maybe what you hoped for has not come to pass, and you have grown weary waiting?

Your perspective on life has changed because you are seeing life through your letdowns and disappointments. All of your life is filtered through the lenses of pain, regrets, and unfulfilled expectations.

Change how you view life

How do you get a new perspective on your life when life has seemingly dealt you a “bad hand?

You change your view. Life is not necessarily what happens to us, but how we perceive what happens to us. If you perceive your circumstances to be difficult and depressing, then it is very likely you will perceive life to be that way.

What if instead of looking at your life through the lenses of negativity and loss, you switched your mindset to look at your life through the filter of thanksgiving and blessings?

Seeing life through different lenses is not always easy, but if you consciously choose to do so, it can be done with some effort and discipline.

You have to ask yourself,” Do I want to see life through the glass half empty or half full?” Most of our thinking defaults to seeing life negatively, but if we decide to choose to actively change our perspective on life we can little by little have the attitude of gratitude.

Changing your perspective is not easy when you have challenging circumstances that can cause you to focus on the stressors in life. You have to actively pursue changing your thought patterns that can go to automatic negative self-talk and reflection. You don’t ignore or discount the hardships in your life, but you actively decide to see the silver lining in those circumstances.

Seeing the silver lining does not mean you don’t have issues, it means you find/seek/choose to pull out anything you can find positive or that can turn out for good in some way. This requires a shift in your thinking, from focusing on the negative to focusing on what is right or may become right. Some events in life do not always appear to have any positive elements in them, that is when we can choose to believe eventually we will see good come from them. This is how we learn to change perspectives.


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