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Word of Encouragement: Accelerate

The definition of accelerate is to move faster: to gain speed. To progress or develop faster.

Some of us have been in a “slow accelerated” season where just basic life stuff was challenging. When you have been weary, worn out, and exhausted from different aspects of life, it’s hard to imagine anything different.

Nothing we could do could cause us to have the once youthful energy and passion we once had. Difficult life storms blew through, and some of us could not stand under such heaviness. Many have felt crushed by life, unable to function other than in survival mode.

We did our best to survive, bopping in and out as the waves crashed down relentlessly upon us. We waited for the Lord and never gave up hope that He would restore our strength and vitality.

The word the Lord gave me was accelerate. You will know when God breathes this wind of acceleration upon you because the things that have been a struggle for you will now be done more easily. You will see in the next several days and weeks a regaining and restoration of your strength and energy. This is only the beginning!

You will not only have the strength to succeed and overcome but to enjoy life with zest and passion.

You will now move faster, gain speed, and make measurable progress.


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