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Word of Encouragement-For the Daughters of Christ Coming Out of Their "Cave"

Many daughters have been in a “cave” for an extended period. This cave you have been dwelling in no longer will satisfy you, for God is calling you out for a special purpose. Don’t think for one moment your time in the cave was wasted. It served a purpose, and that purpose was to strengthen, train, and equip you for the next season in your life.

All the misunderstandings and judgments that others have had about you because you obeyed the Lord in staying hidden until He called you out will come to the surface so that those will see and know God has indeed chosen you for such a time as this.

For the daughters coming out of their “cave” use discernment and wisdom from the Holy Spirit which way to go. Others will have their agenda for you, but you must continue to follow the Holy Spirit as you come out.

There is no need to try and compare or copy what others do, you will be pioneering a new thing. You will come alongside others in this last end time we are in, but you will also forge ahead and onto your path as Holy Spirit leads you.

You were made to be different, and not to conform. You were a misfit that has been given by God the ability to fit in many areas/groups, but not fit into any one group. Be okay with your unique design, for you can reach and touch so many for Christ with your ability to see people right where they are at. You never look over anyone. You can see God’s value and worth in everyone!

It's time to come out the cave

You are not the typical “church” girl and you never will be, so stop trying to be! You were made to connect with all, and that is a rare gift. You go after the unreached, the ones that will never go into a church and you are Christ's love to those who have felt rejected by the “church.”

Come out of the cave daughter of God and let the light of Christ shine everywhere you go.

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