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Motivational Life Coaching Corner: Why New Year Resolutions Rarely Work, and Instead How to Develop and Maintain Healthy Habits that Do Work, Part 1

Happy New Year! I am starting a series on developing and maintaining healthy habits. With many people making New Year's resolutions at the start of the year, I figured this would be the perfect time to discuss why making New Year's resolutions don’t make it usually past week 3, and instead how to develop and maintain healthy habits that last. 

Are you ready for some life coaching on this topic? Great ready for some encouragement, teaching, and discipline. As always, if you need individual help to explore what is hindering you from reaching and maintaining your healthy habits, book your first life coaching session with me. 

New Year’s resolutions rarely can be maintained for the long term, because usually, the resolutions are not concrete or tangible enough, rewards are not typically used to motivate, and there is oftentimes not a firm dedication to discipline when whatever habit is trying to be broken becomes difficult to do so. After about week 3, the “newness and excitement” about making the resolutions drastically decreases as the reality of the resistance or “push back” that occurs at this point requires much determination and discipline. You will want to go back to what was comfortable for you or go back to a habit that served you in some way. 

Making Healthy Habits that Last

There is a better way to develop and maintain healthy habits, and over this 3 part series, I will explore this further with you. I can’t wait to share what I have learned in this area, and how you can apply it to your own life to see results.

Developing Healthy Habits Action Steps

First Action Step:

Supplies Needed: Journal, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily Planner, and a Pen.

James Clear, Atomic Habits (highly recommended read).

Before you begin:

Dedicate some time to spending with the Lord, and asking Him what He would like you to do this upcoming year. Spend time journaling and writing out the vision that you get during this time. During this time, write out what healthy habits you want to develop this year.

  • Write down what you want to achieve this month. Write the beginning and ending date that you start in your journal. 

  • At the start of every week of the month write out what you want to achieve weekly. 

  • At the beginning of each day write out what you want to accomplish for the day, keeping in mind what your monthly/weekly goals are.

Second Action Step:

  • List in your journal tangible small rewards (they do not have to be monetary) that you can give yourself at the end of the week and month for maintaining your healthy habits. Rewards motivate so you will not want to skip this 

action step. 

Third Action Step:

  • Get some accountability. Find someone you can trust that will not only cheer you on but encourage you every step of the way. Life coaches are great at this, consider using my services for extra support and training. 


Look for Part 2 of Developing and Maintaining Healthy Habits next week.

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