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Motivational Life Coaching Corner: What I Have Learned About True Peace

I always believed peace would come to me when my circumstances became better. I was certain when my prodigal child came to his senses, I would truly be at peace, or when those in my family stopped living for the world, then I could have peace. I thought I would have peace when my disruptive, non-believing neighbors would just move.

What I am realizing is that none of these circumstances have changed as of yet, maybe I needed to change then.

I needed a change in the way I viewed peace. I was waiting until my situation changed so I could eventually be at peace. Sometimes I believed I would not achieve peace until I was in heaven.

Peace does not mean absence of your problems, but peace in the midst of your problems.

This is what I have learned about true peace:

1.     True peace is not found with people, when your problems cease or when your circumstances align themselves perfectly so that you can have peace.

2.     True peace is not found in a bottle, a pill, or escapism through binge-watching TV or eating.

3.     True peace is not when everyone in your life does what you would like them to do, because they may not.

4.     True peace is not when you do everything perfectly, because you won’t.

Where does true peace come from? The only source is Jesus Christ. The problem for many, including myself is believing Jesus’ peace is like the world.

You cannot have the kind of peace that Jesus Christ offers until you accept Jesus as your Savior, until then you will have to rely on cheap substitutes to get your peace.

Jesus gives peace right in the middle of trouble. Biblical peace does not focus on the absence of trouble and is unrelated to circumstances. When you have this kind of peace you are not touched by what happens on the outside. Yes, when tragedy and trials hit, you will still feel pain but Jesus can give you a peace that surpasses all human understanding, in other words, you would not be able to obtain this kind of peace on your own.

The peace of God requires us to decide to trust Him in all of our circumstances, especially our most difficult and trying circumstances.

Peace certainly won’t come when your most difficult situations cease, for surely another trial will come behind it, it’s learning to have peace amid every circumstance of life. This is not being negative, but the reality of living in a fallen world. Jesus said that we would have trials and tribulations in this world.


The peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. John 14:27

Let the peace of God rule in your hearts. Colossians 3:15

And the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ. Philippians 4:7

Jehovah Shalom means the Lord of peace.

The Prince of Peace-Isaiah 9:6


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