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Life Coaching Corner: Creating Balance in Your Life

Balance in life means that you can handle the various elements in your life, and don’t feel pulled or pressured in any one area. You will need discipline to get your life in balance and keep it in balance. One way to better ensure balance in your life is to make a schedule.

Having proper balance in every area of your life is important to your overall well-being. When your life is out of balance, your relationships, your physical health, your work, your marriage, and your spiritual health all could be at risk.

Balance in your life most likely will not come automatically, and you will need to create balance in your life. Creating balance also means incorporating margin in your schedule. Margin allows you to have breathing room in your day.

Before following what everyone else is doing or saying, “yes” to whatever comes your way, take the time to create balance in your life. Start by asking the Holy Spirit to help you decide what is for you to do, and what is the best way for you to still keep a healthy mental, physical, and spiritual you as you balance out all areas of your life.

Create balance in every area of your life

Do not compare the balance in your life that you need to keep to someone else. Watching others burning the candle at both ends may seem appealing, but the cost of doing this is usually not immediate but down the road. I am sure you have heard of burnout, ministry burnout, or health-related diseases and disorders attributed to work and no play. Work and no play simply mean one did not take the time to have balance in their life.

All work and no play will make you a miserable person. God does want you to enjoy your lives. Enjoyment in life comes when you learn to have alignment in every area of your life. If one area of your life is out of balance, another area in your life will suffer albeit your marriage or even your health.

One of the best ways to create balance is to write out your priorities, starting with the most important on your list to the least important. I find it easier to write out my priorities on a weekly and monthly calendar.

Maintaining balance in life takes time and practice. There are some times that you also have to allocate disruptions to the balance you are trying to maintain. Go easy on yourself during those times, and remember life happens so make adjustments during those times and then get back to balance.

Take a look at your life, and ask yourself what area(s) in your life need balance and make a goal to get balanced in every area of your life. An example would be spending too much time on social media/Netflix and not enough time with real relationships.

Don’t wait until you reach your breaking point in life, but be proactive and as much as you possibly can create balance in your life.


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