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Life Coaching Corner: Believe in Yourself!

The first secret to success: believe in yourself!

If you have a negative outlook on yourself, others may begin to have a negative outlook on you as well. It is great we desire others to believe in us, but it is greater when we believe in ourselves.

To believe in yourself you must think good thoughts about yourself.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he, Proverbs 23:7.

What you think about yourself will become what you do. If you believe that you are a failure, eventually you will take on the traits of a failure. If you believe that you are able and capable to accomplish what God has given you to do, then you will behave in a way that is conducive to success.

Thoughts precede behavior.

Believe in yourself!

What you think about yourself, you will become!

When we recognize that we have been gifted uniquely with the gifts, talents, and personality that God has given each of us, we can stop the comparison game, stay in our “own lane,” and soar to great heights in what we are selected to do.

Listed below are (7) tips for how you can believe in yourself:

  1. Get to the “roots” of why you don’t believe in yourself. Past failures, what others think or have said about you, negative self-talk, listening to the lies of the enemy. Write out the “roots” and challenge each one with truth. Reframe each negative belief you have about yourself. Get rid of all-or-nothing thinking.

  2. Write out your strengths. Choose to magnify your strengths. It is important to know our weaknesses, but for this exercise, we want to focus solely on our strengths.

  3. Become aware of your negative self-talk, and replace it with thoughts that will focus on what you are capable of doing, even if you don’t feel that you are. Remember, thoughts precede behavior, so the first step is to change what you are thinking about yourself. We can be our worst own critics.

  4. Renounce and then replace the lies that you have believed from the enemy. We have an enemy that can place thoughts in our minds that harm us. Write out the lies that you believe the enemy has said about you, then renounce each one in Jesus' name. Replace each lie with truth, and use scripture and faith-filled words to do so.

  5. Recall and write down your prior successes. Sure, we all have past failures, and that is what we can tend to focus on. There is more than your past failures, you have accomplished and succeeded in many areas.

  6. Stop comparing yourself to others. The worst thing we can do besides negative self-talk is comparing our weaknesses to others' strengths.

  7. Make small, tangible goals, this will cause you to gain confidence that you need to believe that you can accomplish tasks.


If you are having trouble getting started believing in yourself because of prior life challenges, I would love an opportunity to work as your life coach. Together, we will uncover “roots” and make goals that work for you to get past life challenges.


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