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Life Coaching Corner: Effective Ways to Get Unstuck in Life Through Small Steps

Feeling overwhelmed by making major changes to get unstuck in your life? Try instead small, practical changes that you can make. Small changes can be more powerful than you think.

Do you feel you have been in a slump for too long or just don’t have the motivation to make changes?

We get stuck in life for numerous reasons such as depression, being overwhelmed, lack of direction/purpose, past failures, and negative self-talk.

Effective ways to get unstuck in life through small steps:

1. Find out what has zapped your motivation. Get to the root of what is causing you to feel uninspired, and unmotivated, and what keeps you stuck. Write it out, talk it out with God, and then let the healing begin by praying about what has caused you to get stuck in life. The first step is to acknowledge what has caused you to feel like you are not able to get unstuck.

2. Incorporate one thing that brings you joy each day, and do it! Ask yourself each day, “What is one small thing that I can do that would help me to feel a little happier.” A cup of coffee from your favorite place, or perhaps listening to your favorite music.

3. Get outdoors daily if possible. Just a quick walk around the block can shift your perspective. If you can’t get outdoors for some reason, then get out of your home and go somewhere. Get a new change of scenery to help you get into a new headspace.

4. Shift your perspective. Change is possible in every situation even if your circumstances stay the same. Try looking at your circumstances from a different point of view.

5. Focus on what you can control. Some circumstances are beyond your control, to get unstuck focus on what is within your control. Even when circumstances occur that are not a result of your choices, you can choose how you look at the situation. You can choose to be a victim or you can choose to move forward and get unstuck.

6. Focus on gratitude. Look for the good in the situations you feel stuck in. You can control what you think about and what you choose to focus your attention on.

7. Do something new or try something new. This does not have to be anything big, small changes can open the door to bigger changes. Go somewhere new, try a small day trip.


If you are needing some coaching to help you explore the roots of what keeps you unstuck, and what steps you can make to help you move forward, book your first session with me. I offer a (30-minute free consultation for all new clients.

Book with me to make the necessary changes in your life to get unstuck and live the life that you want.

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