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Encouragement for Your Daily Life: Slow Down and Don't Forget to Enjoy the Moments

So often we find ourselves rushing from one place or activity to the next, or perhaps we find ourselves taskmasters at staying on a tight schedule. Rushing and being in a hurry produces stress and anxiety.

Slowing down and pausing for reflection can bring great value to your life, such as more peace, calmness, and focus.
Enjoy the moments

If you feel like you are always in a hurry to get your to-do list tackled promptly, or if you don’t allow space in your schedule to breathe, enjoy the moment, or pause and reflect; you may want to reassess if what you are doing is beneficial to you.

If you are too busy to slow down and create space in your schedule, then you are too busy!

Don’t rush through your day, trying to get to the weekend or the next holiday, but slow down throughout your day and enjoy each moment.


What can you do to slow down and enjoy the moments in your day? Take small breaks with a cup of tea, sit quietly with the Lord, or write in a gratitude journal.


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