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Life Coaching Corner: Stop Rushing and Enjoy the Benefits of Lingering

A definition of lingering means to remain or stay in a place longer than is expected. It can also mean to pause or dwell over something.

Rushing through life can cause stress and anxiety, and make these worse if you already deal with them.

Stop and smell the roses

People with Type-A personalities can be prone to be in a rush to get tasks done on time.

If you spend most of your day racing to check items off your to-do list and feel agitated when anything tries to slow you down, you might need to reflect on how this is serving you.

Stop and “smell the roses,” as a tool to mentally change the way your brain thinks. Instead of a stressed, anxious mind, you can cultivate a peaceful, relaxed mind by lingering instead of rushing.

3 small steps to help you stop rushing and linger:

1. Cultivate space in your day to linger, reflect, and give your mind a break. Take short breaks to give your mind time to slow down and process.

2 Be realistic before saying, “Yes” to something. Before responding to other people's requests for your time and energy, take a minute and consider if you have enough time without feeling rushed and stressed.

3. Make a general plan for the day, instead of a tightly programmed schedule. Of course, there are times when you will need to make a tighter schedule when you have appointments.

Slowing down and lingering helps to bring calmness and overall makes you happier. If you need to be someone on time, make allowances to leave earlier so that you don’t rush through traffic.

Enjoy, and savor the moments in your life. This takes practice by slowing down and becoming aware of what you are doing.


Make sure to book your first life coaching session with me and we can uncover ways to help you linger and not feel so rushed.

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