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Word of Encouragement: You Are Clothed in Power and Anointing of Jehu

This word is not for everybody, but you will know it is for you if you have been contending with the Jezebel spirit for a while.

The Lord your God is moving mountains on your behalf. That wicked Jezebel spirit thought it had you trapped, but alas your intercessions have been heard. 

You will rise from this place of defeat and declare, “Victory, in the name of Yeshua.”

Restoration on every level will take place over the next few weeks, and no longer will you mourn or sorrow over what this Jezebel spirit has taken from you. 

You are clothed in power and anointing of Jehu.

No longer are you afraid, and hiding in your “cave,” but you are coming out strengthened by the Almighty Himself. 

No longer will your lips be silenced, you will open your mouth and prophesize. Dead things will come to life as you open your mouth.

The light upon you will be a blinding light to Jezebel and its cohorts, and they will run and flee from the authority given to you. Oh, they will smell the sweet fragrance of Christ upon you, and they will see your anointing to crush Jezebel and all the cohorts underneath this stronghold.

You no longer fear this Jezebel spirit, it now fears you! A reversal is taking place right now. This “bulletproof” armor you are clothed with is no longer a match for Jezebel and her evil workers.

***Read 2 Kings 9:30-37

Jezebel meets her demise at the hands of Jehu. When Jezebel hears of Jehu’s arrival, she arranges her hair and paints her eyes in an attempt to seduce him. She taunts Jehu as she is perched at her upper window reminding him of a past defeat. Jezebel’s workers threw her out the window as Jehu did not fall for her seduction and taunts. Jehu opened his mouth not in fear, but boldly asked,” Is anyone on my side?” and some of her workers threw her out of her balcony window. 

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