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Word of Encouragement: The Divine Shift Has Begun

The season of mourning and hopelessness is shifting off like a strong Northerly wind. This is your season for not only recompense for what the enemy has robbed but this is a season of complete restoration. For many years you have felt your age come upon you because of the grief and hardships that you endured, but now you experience a new vigor on you. You shall not feel old and worn-out any longer, but you shall have a pep in your step and you will be able to accomplish more now because you are going to burst forth with exuberant energy.

Be encouraged for all is not lost, and what you thought you could never recover you will gain back suddenly and exponentially.

The Divine shift has begun. Hope instead of hopelessness

You will taste and see that the Lord is good in this season. What kept you bound in the last season no longer will hinder what the Lord wants you to have. Weeping may have endured for the night but joy will come in the morning again.

The Divine shift of one reversal after another will be your portion. Overwhelming peace and joy will inhabit every place you are and whoever is around you. This peace and joy cannot be manufactured or copied because it is from the Holy Spirit, and others will want that kind of peace and joy. Get ready for total transformation to take place not only in your life but among those that you love and have been praying for.

The hour is here to reflect the light of Christ to the dark world that you must live in for now. This light is a gift from above and the light will bring love, compassion, mercy, gentleness, goodness, and kindness to all. The Divine shift has begun.


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