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Word of Encouragement: Speak Those Things into Existence As Though They Are Already

“As a man think, so is he.” Proverbs 23:7

Prophesize (speak) over yourself your future, those that you love, and your circumstances.

You must speak (prophesize) the things that you so desire. Do not curse those things that you are believing for with your words, but instead speak life (“good seeds”). Keep speaking those things you believe for until they manifest. This is called “seed planting.” Make sure what you are believing lines up with God’s Word.

Seeds take time to grow. You have to fertilize and water seeds often to see growth. The “seeds” that you plant daily with what you speak over yourself may take time to see growth. But keep speaking anyway what you believe is God’s desire and plan for your life.

The “seeds” that you sow through your prophetic voice eventually will take root and you will see evidence of the life-affirming words (truth) start to blossom over your life.

What you will sow, you will reap.

Sow good seeds over your life by what you speak

What words are you sowing into your life?

Retrain your brain to sow good words of faith, and soon you will see a bountiful harvest.

Make sure to prune, cut back, and uproot the “bad seeds” or lies that you have believed and spoken over yourself, others, and your circumstances.


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