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Word of Encouragement: Move Forward Despite the Opposition

You have been making progress, and you finally feel like you may see yourself out of the wilderness. But then opposition came to hinder your progress and to completely stop you. You are weary of the battles and have considered giving up.

If you just take your stand, your rightful position of who you are in Christ, these opposing forces will back off. But you must stand strong in the spirit and refuse to be controlled by forces who are working against you.

Some people do not have your best interest at heart but have an agenda for you which is to serve their interests. You must be led by the Holy Spirit, not by others leading. Some people do mean well, but they are not led by the Holy Spirit and thus try and convince you to do what they are doing.

Continue to move forward despite the opposition that has come to lure you into quitting. The enemy can use anyone, including those we love. Be sure of what the Holy Spirit has said for you to do, and then move forward confidently.


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