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Word of Encouragement-Just Breathe, Inhale God's Peace and Exhale Stress

You have been wearied from the many assaults that have come your way. Sit in the presence of God inhale the peace of God and exhale stress. Take deep cleansing breaths and breathe out all the stress you have been carrying.

As you just breathe deeply in the presence of God, He is taking care of what has been concerning you. Holy Spirit is bringing you into a refreshing place. Come and sit at His feet, and step away from all that would distract you entering this time.

You trusted the Lord through the many relentless attacks thrown from the enemy's camp. These weapons did not prosper, but you certainly felt the blows from them. For your Lord God is taking care of those enemies that have come to steal, kill, and destroy you.

Shout and declare, “Victory is here!”

Today, just rest from the warfare. Sit back and lay your head upon Jesus, He knows you need rest in this hour. He will refresh and restore you as you seemingly do nothing but take a breather in Him.

Come to the still and quiet waters and be.

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