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Word of Encouragement: God is Redeeming the Years that the Enemy Has Stolen

You are older now and feel as though so much time has been taken from you, and you have lost many years in grief and sorrow. The Lord is redeeming the years that the enemy has stolen from you. You will have an abundance of time to catch up with those that you love, and the passions that are deep in your heart that have gone unfulfilled will now be fulfilled.

You will do more than you have in years because there is an anointing of increase upon you. Increase in every area of your life. You will go forward daily in increase and abundance.

You now will be able to use your time to glorify God instead of being stuck in grief, trauma, sorrow, and self-pity.

Where your life looked over, this is where God is going to get the glory, because your life will be nothing short of a miracle. You were never forgotten by God. You have chosen to keep believing in the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord when it appeared that everything around you spoke the opposite of that. The Lord sees that you have allowed Him to clean you up and bandage your wounds, you trusted Him to that deepest place, and allowed Him to take out the “damaged roots.” You have gone through the deep, healing work and now God can fully use your life as a living testimony of the goodness of God. You are not bitter anymore, but better because you allowed the Lord to apply His healing salve upon all the circumstances in your life that you did not understand.

The Lord God is your banner, not bitterness. Your former years will be better than your former years.


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