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Word of Encouragement: God is Bringing Balance and Order Back Into Your Life

You have been in a time of many distractions, some were good and other distractions were sent by the enemy to keep you off course. The scheme behind the enemy keeping you off course was that you would be disoriented and going in directions you were not intended to go.

This cycle that came to disrupt your peace and the rhythm and flow of the Holy Spirit in your life is changing directions as you have stood your ground by praying and seeking the direction of the Holy Spirit.

God is bringing balance and order back into your life. You will now have clarity and the confusion over decisions is coming to an abrupt end. Flow, order, and balance are coming full swing back into your life.

You will pick up where you left off before the cycles of disruption, and you will gain traction to move forward.
God is bringing balance and order back into your life

You can now rest in the presence of God without feeling like you don’t have the time or felt too restless to spend time with the Lord. You have felt for several weeks that your time was either being wasted, felt rushed, or did not have enough time.

You will now get back on God’s Divine time for you. His time is peaceful, there is always more than enough time, and you are able to be still in God’s presence

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