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Word of Encouragement: Be still and Wait on the Lord to Give You Guidance

Be still and see your deliverance. The warfare that has come against you will fall by the wayside as you remain still and trust God.

As the Holy Spirit directs you to do something, be obedient and do what He shows you. The inner turmoil that you feel trying to figure out situations in your life that are unsettling is not coming from God.

The pulling coming in every direction is trying to weigh you down with circumstances that you are not able to figure out. This pulling is trying to weigh you down with past and future burdens.

Be still as you wait on the Lord to give you guidance

The enemy knows that you are rising up and taking your place in this hour, and he has attempted to get you to look at what he is doing instead of focusing on what the Lord is doing. It is all a distraction, as you have lost your focus on what God is wanting from you in this season.

The tension that you feel is moving forward in faith versus staying stuck in old patterns and dysfunctions that have kept you bound before.

Some situations in your life can only be solved by the Holy Spirit, if the Holy Spirit is not leading you in these situations in your life that tug on your heart you will end up worn down. This is exactly where the enemy wants you-discouraged and defeated. Don't take the bait!

God is asking you to trust Him in those most challenging circumstances, and as you do His peace will cover and carry you through. Be still and wait on the Lord for His leading and direction. The Holy Spirit leads in peace, clarity, and a "knowing" deep down inside.


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