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Word of Encouragement: All Things are Being Made New

Restoration is happening at a deep level. The season of profound loss and brokenness is coming to a close as you now are entering a new door of complete wholeness in every area of your life.

This new door you are walking through feels brand new, and at the same time, it feels like you have never walked through the doors of trauma, grief, pain, and loss. A part of you feels like something is missing as you are not carrying the heavy weights any longer. This new energy, strength, and joy are coming because you obediently closed the old doors of pain, shame, discouragement, and depression. You held on to the One who could carry you through this time, and when He confirmed to you it was time to surrender, release, and trust Him to let go of all that has caused you unbearable pain; the new door was opened to you.

All things are being made new.

You will see this in every area of your life-health, family, marriage, purpose, and even the place where you live. Made brand new as if nothing was ever taken from you. Restored to mint condition.

You will hope again. Hope deferred has kept your heart sick. Your hope is rooted in Christ, and from that place, all earthly hopes fade. Your hope is in the unfailing love of Christ, and what is eternal.

It’s time to emerge from the cocoon, and it’s time to fly. You were made for such a time as this. God has not failed you, and you will be seeing very shortly your life matters to Him. You are a warrior bride for Christ who has a mission to bring the Kingdom everywhere that you go. Your assignment is to usher in the presence and peace of Christ everywhere you are. As you take dominion AND AUTHORITY over the places and spaces that you occupy, the Kingdom will invade every area of darkness.

Allow the Lord to finish the touches of refinement in your life, and you will see over the next few weeks the results of being “polished” right now.

No more wasted time, and delayed promises, as you will see the generational strongholds that have held you and your family captive destroyed into ruins. A great collapse of strongholds is coming to your generational line. You were the first in your family to break ties with generational bondage and sin, but you won’t be the last. More are coming to the Kingdom of Light.


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