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Motivational Life Coaching Corner: Practical Ways to Become More Disciplined

I always wanted to eat healthier, get up early in the morning, become a runner, and write more but I had difficulty starting and staying with these things I wanted to accomplish. I also wanted to think more positively but found myself having more of a “wilderness” mind. What has helped me to accomplish and even achieve some of the goals I mentioned above was learning how to discipline myself. Let’s be honest no one likes discipline, it’s hard and seems almost impossible to conquer at times. However, with the hard work comes the pay for your goals getting accomplished.

Discipline brings structure and stability into your life. When you’re not disciplined you pretty much do whatever you want, sounds fun, for someone who is an adolescent.

►If you ever want to be more disciplined, I am listing below practical ways that can start becoming a more disciplined person:

1.     Know your temptations and remove them. If you want to eat better, get rid of unhealthy foods and snacks in your house. Yes, you can treat yourself to a special dinner and dessert once a week but not every day.

2.     Have clear goals and a vision for why you want to become more disciplined. Maybe you want to start exercising to feel better or maybe you want to be more productive at work.

3.     Discipline is a learned behavior. You must practice this behavior to master what you want. It is believed it can take anywhere from 21-30 days to form a new habit. Practice daily what you want to overcome or achieve.

4.     Don’t wait until you feel like doing something, move past your feelings and do it anyway. Develop a routine and stick to it regardless of how you feel.

5.     Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many changes at once, start small, and build your confidence for bigger changes.

6.     When you have a setback, forgive yourself, and keep going forward. Don’t stop just because you had that piece of cheesecake you were trying to avoid.

7.     Set boundaries. Know your limits, and say no to things that could hinder your desire to be more disciplined.

8.     Reward yourself weekly when you accomplish what you have set out to do.

Discipline is learned, and it is a decision you make to do something and see it through.

Being more disciplined will help you to manage your time better, and stay focused when other distractions compete for your time. Developing discipline will help you to achieve your goals. Without discipline, you may never get that college education, begin to exercise or start that business you always wanted.

Respond: What area do you want to begin having more discipline in? How will you go about doing that? Consider booking me as your life coach to help you achieve a more disciplined life.


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