Counselor's Corner: Tips to Restore Your Mind, Body, and Spirit When You Feel Run-Down

Everyone has had times in their lives where they feel run-down, usually as a result of busy/overcrowded schedules, excess food/alcohol consumption, or unrelenting stressful circumstances.

Over the last 2 weeks, I have felt run-down. I also had a busy schedule with back-to-back birthday and Mother’s Day celebrations and activities in-between these times. I had a great time celebrating and enjoying friends and family, but I also hosted and planned the festivities, which takes time and energy. My good eating habits went down the drain as I consumed lots of great food. During these last 2 weeks I also dealt with a friend having radiation treatment for cancer, a family member with cancer battling sickness, and another relative needing a place to live.
Get a good night's rest when you feel run-down

I can compare how I feel now with how I feel after the holidays from too much food/drinks, a busy schedule, and lots of entertaining. I usually have to do some serious self-care after the holidays, but it had not occurred to me that I may need to practice self-care when I feel run-down at any time.

I don’t regret the enjoyment that I had celebrating and entertaining, but now I have to listen to my body that is saying something-“slow down and restore.”

Perhaps you can relate to what I am saying, or maybe you never saw the connection with busy schedules or how stress plays a role in how you feel.

Listed below are some tips to restore your mind, body, and spirit when you feel run-down:

  1. Carve time with God, preferably first thing in the morning before your day gets interrupted. We need the strength and the direction of the Holy Spirit daily, otherwise, we get led by our flesh or other people.

  2. Get a good night’s rest every night. Go to bed at a decent time. If you are especially tired allow yourself to sleep in a bit if you can.

  3. Avoid or limit fried foods, processed food, sugar, alcohol, and soda. Strive for fresh fruits, vegetables, and lots of water daily.

  4. Disconnect from the stress. If you cannot completely eliminate the stressors in your life, then have periods of time that you are not involved with the stressors or thinking about the stressors. Let go of what you cannot control (but want to), and instead give your cares and concerns to God-this takes practice.

  5. Manage your schedule to incorporate downtime and activities that you enjoy. Do not overfill your schedule with a bunch of non-essentials. Ask yourself,” Can I delegate this task to someone else,” or “Can I wait to do that another day?”

  6. Have times that you put away your phone and other electronics, especially first thing in the morning and right before bedtime.

Listen to your body. Know when you need to refuel and recharge. You will bounce back a lot quicker if you take the needed tips above to restore your body, mind, and spirit.

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