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Counselor's Corner: Does Being Thankful Really Help Me be Better?

If you are like me, being thankful and appreciative doesn’t always come naturally. I have had many trials and heartbreaks that have caused me at times to reflect a little too much on them. I have learned I have to choose to be thankful. Every day, I get out my journal and write out five things that I am thankful for. Writing down my blessing serves as a visual reminder to me that I have more in my life than I think I do. I need this reminder daily! I can always find things to complain and grumble about, believe me, I have my fair share of problems and heartaches, but I choose to reflect on what I do have.

When we have an attitude of gratitude, our lives will be transformed.

You might think you do not have a lot to be thankful for, but look around you-there are others who go through far worse circumstances. I’m I belittling your pain? Not at all! I have to tell myself the same things because I have seen so much heartache and loss in my own life. Being thankful is a conscience decision that will change your life for the better.

You can be bitter about your life’s difficulties or you can be better because of them. You get to choose!
Write out your blessings daily

If we choose to look at our lack in life or what we don’t have, we can become cynical, hard-hearted, thankless, unappreciative, bitter, and even depressed. Being thankful has health benefits, such as fewer aches and pains and overall feeling healthy. Thankful people take better care of themselves by exercising more and eating healthier. Thankfulness also reduces toxic emotions like bitterness, envy, and frustration, and decreases depression. Thankfulness also reduces stress, improves self-esteem, and helps overcome trauma. Being thankful can boost your immune system and improve your heart rhythms.

Be aware of what you are thankful for and choose to reflect and ponder daily on all the positives in your life. Be thankful for the small things in your life. CHOOSE to change your focus from what you don’t have to what you do have.


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