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Word of Encouragement: The Plans of the Enemy Will Not Succeed

The weapons that have pounded you one after another were sent to not only derail your progress but to discourage your relationship with God.

But nothing, by no means anything or anyone can separate God’s love for you.

What has happened in the recent weeks is nothing new the enemy is using to wear you out-the same people, the same circumstances, and the same cycles. The Lord is calling you to retreat in Him and His presence. As you do this, the schemes of the enemy will be laid bare before you, and the Lord will pour out His love on the areas the enemy tried to inflict pain.

You will be refreshed as you retreat. This retreat is not hiding, but going to a place of solitude to pray, hear the Holy Spirit, and worship the Lord who is worthy of it all.

No weapon formed against you will prosper

The plans of the enemy will not succeed! The weapons have been fashioned and made against you, but they will not succeed.

You have not been abandoned nor forsaken during these extreme trials. Though you may have felt abandoned, He never left you.

Come to the secret place, where the enemy cannot come, and be still. Wait for the Lord to give you clear directions concerning matters that trouble you deeply. The Lord has seen your distress, and He has heard your cries.

You have not been able to hear the Holy Spirit as clearly because of the demonic messengers, airwaves, and atmospheres. But as you go to your place of solitude, you will begin to hear what the Holy Spirit reveals to you.


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