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Word of Encouragement: It's Time to Step into the Promised Land

The old way of doing things has come to an end. The long and weary transition period is finally over, and you can now successfully cross over to the land flowing with “milk and honey,” your promised land. Your diligence, faith, perseverance, and determination not to stay in the “wilderness” has catapulted you into a season of fruitfulness and abundance.

You will “taste and see the Lord is good” in the land that you are living.

You have been set free from shame, condemnation, guilt, rejection, fear, and the orphan spirit. You will rise to new heights and soar above your enemies. You will sit high above your enemies and will be able to detect your enemy before they come so that you can spoil their plans before conception.

You will be seen and known by many in this hour to bring those into a greater knowledge of their Kingdom position and authority. You will use your voice to bring healing, hope, and encouragement to those who are in hurting, lost, and broken.

It’s time to step into the promised land.

No more living less than and having less than. No more living like an orphan. You are crowned with the label, “daughter or son of the king.” You will now know your rightful inheritance as a child of God. It does not matter what family you were born into, you are fully adopted into Kingdom of God, and have all rights as heirs to the Father.


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