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Encouragement for Daily Life: Why Making Comparisons is Harmful and Steals Your Joy

In order to stop competing with other women, we must stop comparing. C.S. Lewis As Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” We all do it, men and women, and compare ourselves to what others have and what we lack. Social media comparison is hardly fair, as we compare others' best moments in life snapped and filtered perfectly with our less-than-perfect lives. We compare to see if we measure up to others' beauty, success, wealth, and happiness. Comparing ourselves to others is harmful because there will always be someone who does something better than us or has what we think we want.
Be you! Stop comparing yourself to what others are doing!

Comparison leads to unhappiness, and discontentment, and steals your joy. How can you be truly happy and content comparing someone’s best qualities to your worst qualities? That is why comparison is so unfair, we never compare our best qualities with others' worst qualities. Comparing our lives to others can cause us to feel angry, envious, and jealous. God has a specific plan for our lives, and the enemy would love nothing more than to keep us in sin and bondage so that we stay focused on everyone’s blessings. We can damage our self-esteem when we compare, and it can make us feel not good enough. Comparison makes us feel like we can do better, and that what we are able to do is just not good enough. Sure, there are those that love to brag about all they have or do, and this can make you feel worse; but those types of people are most likely unhappy and need someone to validate how great their life is. Once you stop comparing yourself to others, your self-esteem will increase. When you realize that you can be content with what you have and who you were created to be, you can stop comparing your life to others. Comparison acts as a powerful force that compels you to desire what others have while being unhappy with what you have. See less

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