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Counselor's Corner: What I Have Gained From Not Watching TV

As you may have read on my blog post last week or seen the YouTube video I made I have been taking a 21-day challenge of no tv. I am currently on day 15, so I have 6 more days to go. I must admit that not watching tv has been one of the most difficult challenges for me.

Let me start with a few reasons:

  1. It has been very cold.

  2. It gets dark late.

  3. It has been raining.

  4. I have felt tired.

  5. I have had a headache for the last few days.

These are all good reasons that I used before that I “deserved” to watch tv. I did not give in to the temptation to turn the tv on, but I certainly thought about it more than once! I honestly almost gave up, but then I reminded myself what I have gained from not watching tv.

Here are a few things that I gained from not watching tv:

  1. I seem to have a lot more time. Before, I always thought that I did not have the time to do anything.

  2. I have read (4) books, and I realized that I do love to read.

  3. I have listened to several podcasts that have increased my faith.

  4. I have been more open to connections with others.

  5. I have been more productive in my work.

  6. Completed a marriage devotional with my husband.

  7. I am now praying first thing in the morning instead of watching a tv program.

  8. Not going to YouTube “preachers,” instead I am reading the Bible for myself.

  9. Not in a rush or hurry anymore. Before, I seemed to be in a hurry so that I could make sure whatever I was doing gave me enough time to watch tv.

  10. Got to work on house projects. My husband was able to paint my office and I was able to do the prep work and clean-up afterward.

The most valuable thing that I have gained from not watching tv is that I am not using it as a crutch to cope with the unpleasant things in my life. I am dealing with life instead of hiding behind my tv.

Will I stop watching tv and movies after the challenge?

No, but I will be much more aware of what I am watching and how long I watch tv. I plan on not watching tv all weekend, but perhaps a movie or two. I also plan on reading more, listening to podcasts, having dinner at the table, doing a weekly devotional with my husband, working on house projects, and making connections with others.


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