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Counselor's Corner: Giving Your Mind a Rest

Are you experiencing intruding thoughts, racing thoughts, obsessive thoughts, or negative thoughts? Does it seem you can’t get your mind under control?

We can wear ourselves out mentally and physically by what we entertain in our minds

The battlefield is in the mind. If the enemy plants a “seed” of worry, doubt, or fear and you agree with the lies you will eventually begin to experience what the enemy planted in your thoughts. How does this happen? The enemy is a master deceiver and he will present thoughts to you that seem like your thoughts or appear to be true. If the enemy said something to you that was not believable you would not fall for the deception. This is why it is important to spend regular time in the Word of God, dispelling the lies coming at you.

How do you know if the enemy is behind the thoughts coming in your mind or it’s the Holy Spirit speaking to you?

Is your mind restless? Stop and wait on the Lord to direct your paths.


When the enemy plants thoughts through “seeds:”

· You will be presented with have truths.

You most likely will experience these as well:

. You feel confused and will not have clarity.

· You will feel pressure, hurried to make a decision.

· You will feel burdened, heavy, or like your carrying “weights.”

· You will feel anxious, worried, or fearful.

· You will feel you ought to, should be, or could be doing something.

· There is not a solution to the problem presented to you or at least a feasible one.

· Whatever task is in front of you, it’s too big for you and you are overwhelmed by it.

· You don’t feel like a Christian.

· You will feel guilt over something you should be doing.

· You will feel discouraged and maybe even depressed.

· You will feel defeated and possibly hopeless.

Notice in most of the instances that you will know if the enemy is behind the thoughts coming at you is that you are not motivated by Holy Spirit but by how you feel. The enemy works overtime in getting you to operate out of your feelings and emotions because he knows you very likely will not be led by Holy Spirit.

What does the Holy Spirit speaking to you sound like?

· There is clarity and direction. No confusion or trying to “figure out” what to do.

· Have peace and are confident where and what Holy Spirit is directing you to do.

· Have strength, grace, and even energy to do what God wants you to do, and when your “cup is empty” from giving to others He will replenish you.

· You are not drained physically, mentally, and spiritually because you know what God is leading you to do brings great joy to you even though it may not be an easy task.

When you are led by Holy Spirit you are not led by your emotions and feelings which most of the time will mislead you.

If your mind is not rested but anxious, worried, fearful, restless, confused, take a step back and ask yourself whose voice are you listening to?


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