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Coaching Life Lessons: Perseverance Through Adversity

Let’s face the truth, it can be difficult to get motivated and persevere when there are setbacks, delays, or just days when we don’t feel up to the challenge.

What happens when adversity comes along as well? Not as easy to pursue perseverance when adversity strikes.

Adversity comes in many different ways, job loss, health concerns, or relational difficulties.

When you face challenges and hardships of various kinds you may be tempted to quit, give up, or not do anything. Apathy can quickly settle in when you are faced with devastating circumstances. Apathy means that you have lost your desire to do much of anything. You certainly won’t feel like persevering when your circumstances are hard or painful. Your natural inclination would be to retreat and stop moving forward.

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This is what I have learned for myself as I have been met with some serious challenges, and just this week more challenges that could have “crippled” me:

Coaching life lessons on perseverance through adversity:

  1. Listen to your body! Your body will work harder when facing challenging times. That means that you may need to rest. Rest from whatever is troubling you, even if just for a few hours.

  2. Do not follow what others are doing. You will exhaust yourself more if you try and keep others pace. Slow down to meet the pace that you can go at for now. Remember hardships wear us out physically, mentally, and emotionally. Do what you can at a rhythm that won’t cause more stress on you.

  3. Incorporate some type of daily exercise. I cannot empathize with this enough. Exercise can not only boost your motivation to do more, but also promotes your emotional well-being.

  4. Detach for a time from people and things that drain you and recharge with those things that promote life and your mental/spiritual well-being.

  5. Surrender those things you cannot control. Have dedicated time preferably first thing in the morning to pray, and as you wait on the Lord for His answers thank Him for intervening. Then move forward for your day by casting your cares on the Lord and by faith choosing to believe God will work and come through in His timing.

  6. Accept and let go of the situations in your life that you don’t know what to do. Keep moving forward in what you do know what to do. You can get stuck if you feel you need the answers to the problems in your life that you currently do not possess.

  7. You may not feel like it, but keep getting up and declaring over yourself,” Today is going to be a good day.” You are rewiring the neural pathways in your brain that get stuck on “Why get up, I don’t want to face life.” Remind yourself God will help you.

  8. Stop believing the lie that “It’s always going to be hard,” or “I just can’t do this.” You can take one step at a time, and you can believe the truth that some days/weeks/seasons are hard, but not every day is hard-some days are really good. Think of your life like the weather, there are rainy and sunny days and both are needed to maintain life.

  9. Enjoy the “good days.” When you get a break in between the adversities, breathe, enjoy, and get fueled back up by practicing self-care.

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10. Reward yourself when you push through a challenging day/time and you still complete a goal, finish a project, or stay the course.


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