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Disciplining Your Mind

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🛑🛑🛑 Online, self-paced course on disciplining your mind. Based on my book, "Disciplining your mind, 30 days to a better you!" ➡️➡️➡️You will get the master class teaching on disciplining the mind, tips, techniques, and practical applications. This video is already recorded so you can watch at your pace. 📌+++Bonus teachings from my motivational life coaching videos. 📌Disciplining the mind outline to follow and make notes, and study guide. 📌+++Bonus teachings that you can download and read on subjects that can encourage, equip, and guide you. 📌Bonus+++ Refer a friend for this course, and I will send you a FREE, signed copy of my book. Email me below. 📌Bonus+++ FREE consultation for life coaching with me. 📌Bonus+++After completing this course, you will qualify for (1) FREE life coaching session with me. Send me an email after completion of this course. 📌Plus, Study Guide for this course. 💰💰💰Program valued at $350, but you are getting the complete program for only $25! 📣📣📣

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