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Chronic Stress Recovery Online Course for Women

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✅8-week, self-paced pre-recorded videos, and downloadables on step by steps tools, techniques, and practical applications for chronic stress recovery in women. 📌All in the convenience of your home! ✅Healing the mind, the body, and the spirit. ________________________________________________________________ 📣📣📣Here is what you get ALL for $49.95. 🛑Now offering the complete cost for $25!💰 1) Access to 8-weeks of teaching videos on healing the mind, the body, and the spirit from chronic stress in women. 2) Plus 2 BONUS teachings as well you do not want to miss! 3) Downloadable lessons on each course. 4) Access to a private Facebook group on stress recovery in women. 5) 🆓And a FREE, signed copy of my book, "Disciplining your mind, 30 days to a better you!" (send me your mailing address via my email as soon as you register and I will ship out my book to you for free). ____________________________________________________________ ✅Here is what you are getting for the low introductory offer of $49.95 for this course. Now only $25:💰 1) 8 weeks of online teaching videos valued at $49 for each course and lesson. 8x49=$392 2) A Signed 🆓 copy of my book. Valued at $11.99. 📣📣📣The total value of the complete course: is $403.99, but you can get this course exclusively here for the low cost of $49.95! Now $25!💰 SIGN-UP NOW AND BE FREE OF CHRONIC STRESS EFFECTS THROUGH HEALING THE MIND, THE BODY, AND THE SPIRIT.

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