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Word of Encouragement for January 2022

You will soon understand why so much tried to stop you the last year, but now you have the "keys" to see what you need to do. Doors will open one after another, as before you could not seem to open any doors. What the enemy used against you will become your stepping stones to greater things ahead. Who has worked against you will move out of your path so that you can properly align with those God has called you to.

The dead, dry, barren season in your life is becoming one of abundance, fruitfulness, and prosperity.

You will succeed in what God has called you to do.

Joy is returning to your soul, and you will leap with gladness over what is coming. You held fast as the torrents of attacks came barreling one after another. You have stood the tests and trials, and you will be rewarded openly to those who have tricked, deceived, and manipulated you.

Gods promises for you will unfold one after another. You will have happiness in your heart, not because of others or even your circumstances, but because you will see and taste the Lord is good.

The word that the Lord gave me for 2022 is: Hope.

It is time to hope again, not in people or your circumstances, but in in unchanging God that will bring good from those circumstances in your life that has caused you much heartache.


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