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Word of Encouragement: Focus on Your Progress

Do not be discouraged, you have made much progress these last few weeks. Although it has seemed like an uphill battle that had many twists and turns. But, you stayed the course as best you could.

Focus on your progress, and reward yourself for how you diligently tried to stay the course as you could not see the pitfalls and curves that came up.

You dodged one distraction after another almost effortlessly. In times past these distractions would have taken you off your course. You still saw them, but you did not come into agreement with the distractions.

As you made progress, the enemy tried unsuccessfully to hinder your forward movement. You kept going this time! You will continue to go higher and higher and won’t let the enemy hijinks what God has called you to do.

What the enemy means for harm for you, God is turning around for your good.

No more delays, setbacks, and feeling stuck. You are going to reach your full potential, and. many will be blessed by your words through your speaking, writing, and teaching.

Focus on your progress

You need not fear what the enemy threatens you with, for the God you serve is greater than any other.

You are getting stronger and your confidence is building in the Lord. He is strong in you. Keep moving along and look up and not what the enemy has tried to wield your way. The schemes and plans of the enemy are getting weaker and will continue to lose their grip concerning your affairs.

So don’t be discouraged, even though the weapons came against you, they did not prosper.


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