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Counselor's Corner: Creating Margin During the Busyness of the Holiday Season

For most people, we love when the holiday season starts to come around, but we soon start to feel overwhelmed as the hustle and bustle of the season starts to take over.

Peace and comfort of the joyous season soon turn into stress and pressure.

Having too much on our calendars without room for space creates STRESS!

Creating margin reduces stress

However, creating margin in-between events, family gatherings, and parties can bring harmony, rejuvenation, and peace. Whereas, a lack of margin can create stress, havoc, fatigue, and susceptibility to colds and viruses.

Creating margin is a practice that I do year-round, but especially during the holiday season.

Creating margin means:

  1. You control your schedule, not others.

  2. Allow space/time in-between functions to give yourself time to recharge and relax.

  3. Set priorities on what you plan on being a part of. You can’t be everywhere and do everything without totally wearing yourself out.

  4. Know your limits. Everyone is different with this, some can seem to go and go, while others need limited activities. It’s okay to say, “No!”

  5. Make time on your schedule to do the things that bring you joy and happiness in the holiday season. If you don’t make the time, it won’t happen!


Resources to help you be a better you!

  • If you need encouragement and someone to help walk you through the holiday season, I am available for online coaching and counseling.

  • If you need resources to help you with recovery from stress, check out my 8-week pre-recorded video’s on tips, tools, and practical applications to recover from chronic stress.

Get started now! Your best life awaits you!


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